Are You Sitting Down, Ladies?

I have some shocking news for you: New research has found, and I know this will come as a very big surprise to all you working ladies out there, so I really hope you are sitting down, possibly even at your desk at your job for which you are underpaid and overqualified even though you have asked for raises and promotions, that it is, in fact, NOT TRUE that women don't get raises and promotions because they are shrinking violets who fail to ask for them.

It TURNS OUT that women actually do ask to be appropriately compensated and promoted, but FOR SOME REASON we just don't get that for which we're asking—and, not only that, but "the gender gap in level and pay gets even wider" as the careers of men and women on the same track progress.

HOLY SHIT! This is some really shocking news, amirite, ladies? I never would have guessed that we were asking for things all these years that we weren't getting.

I can't even imagine what the perplexing reason is that we're not getting promotions and raises if we're asking for them after all. Oh well. Life is full of mysteries!

image of Wolf Blitzer on Celebrity Jeopardy saying, 'I'll take The Patriarchy for $200, Alex.'

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