This Is Why Al Gore Invented Text Messaging

[The following conversation took place over the last two days…]

Spudsy: Butt.

Liss: Buttfor.

Spudsy: Butt sandwich:

Liss: Butt cake.

Spudsy: Butt pot pie.

Liss: Butt roast!

Spudsy: Butt l'orange.

Liss: Butt Bourguignon.

Spudsy: Butt casserole.

Liss: Butt stew!

Spudsy: Butt soufflé.

Liss: Butt juice. (Freshly squeezed, natch.)

Spudsy: LOL! Of course! Mashed butt with butt gravy.

Liss: Butt sausage.

Spudsy: Chipped butt on toast.

Liss: Spotted butt.

Spudsy: Butts in blankets.

Liss: Deep-fried butts.

Spudsy: Chili butt with cheese.

Liss: OMG "chili butt" is making me laugh so. hard. P.S. Strawberry Shortbutt.

Spudsy: LOL!!! Butt and chips.

Liss: Barbuttque pork.

Spudsy: Cornbutt on a stick.

Liss: Spaghetti and buttballs.

Spudsy: Chocolate butt cookies.

Liss: Gingerbutt house.

Spudsy: Butt Lorraine.

Liss: Cream of butt.

Spudsy: Butt bisque.

Liss: Buttscuits and gravy.

Spudsy: Butt on a shingle.

Liss: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed butt.

Spudsy: You win.

Liss: LOL!

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