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All of the weekend political chat shows were discussing super delegates and how they may or may not play a decisive role in the selection of the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

A bitch has a few questions too (wink).

Shall we?

ABB’s knee jerk instant straight to the brain question about super delegates…
Who the fuck came up with this shit?

ABB’s somewhat calmer but still offended on the 'ain’t this shit supposed to be about the masses tip' question about super delegates…
Didn’t anyone in the room…anyone…raise a question about elitism? Shit. Now you’ve got everyone and their pundit talking about how the party elite are going to help out the ig’nant masses by showing them the error of their ways!

ABB’s final realization about super delegates
Whoever came up with this shit needs several hours of intense interaction with my Merciless Rod of Correction.

The thing is, most Americans don’t vote on a regular basis and most voters who express a party affiliation aren’t actually active in that party’s inner working day to day political bullshit. As a result, most folks woke up to the existence of super delegates the day after Super Tuesday when it became apparent that super delegates may actually play a key role in this selection-based shit.


Here’s my problem with super delegates – they are what they are.


Mmmmhmmm, that’s my core concern.

Super delegates are made up of party insiders...Congress people, governors, other elected folks and political activists. Any political junkie will tell you that the demographic represented by super delegates doesn’t reflect the demographic of those currently voting on the Democratic side of primary ballots.

Sorry, it just doesn’t…anymore than Congress represents the socio-economic background of most Americans or party activists represent the majority values of most Democrats and certainly not the Independents needed to win in November.


Hell, I’m an activist and my kind of activist didn’t get the nod to become a super delegate.

There’s hope for us all if the voters actually vote in a nominee before the convention, but woe is unto the Democratic Party if the so-called party elite get the green light to over-rule the will of the voters.


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