Quote of the Day

"I've recently been getting frustrated. … I mean the number of roles for strippers or prostitutes—or the opposite—which, is like, 'She's the moral center of the film! She's the pure one. She's the one that makes the man realize who he should be', you know? That sort of dichotomy exists so strongly, it's like the virgin/whore thing evident to the greatest extent. So that's really been bothering me. Sort of finding a character who is complicated, like the women in this film, is very, very exciting. Also, I love comedies so much, but any kind of comedy the girl's like 'in fashion' or she's really into clothes, or like, she just wants to get married. Those are not values that I care to jump on the bandwagon of."—Natalie Portman, on the paucity of great roles for women, giving me one more reason to love her.

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