Quote of the Day

[Warning: Serious head-exploding material ahead.]

“I don’t like the tone in Washington, D.C. I feel like that the politics has gotten ugly, and that tends to discourage people around the country. And that’s just too bad. … I’ve never really resorted to name-calling. … I understand that it’s one thing to disagree with a person, but it’s another thing to have to resort to kind of shameless name-calling. … Washington’s a lot — it’s just too — it’s too political in many ways.” — President Bush

Sure, why bother resorting to name-calling when you can just repeatedly imply that members of the opposition party and every American citizen who disagrees with you are traitors?

Why bother when you’ve got operatives from your VP on down to the scumsucking Biff Limbaugh to do it for you, while you can claim to keep your hands clean?

And, anyway, that Adam Clymer really is a “major league asshole,” and environmentalists really are “green-green lima beans,” and Kim Jong-Il really is a “pygmy” and “a spoiled child at a dinner table,” so I guess those don’t count.

Et cetera…

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