Poll: People dislike spending (more) money.

There’s no better way to start the weekend than with a little swooning at the obvious, and Yahoo.com is more then willing to assist on this fine Saturday; according to a recent poll, “Gasoline prices weigh on Americans.”

Americans are driving less, trimming vacations and cutting back on heating and air conditioning, according to an AP-Ipsos poll taken as gasoline prices in many areas have topped $3 a gallon.
Apparently, having to blow 40 bucks at the pump every time you want to drive to the beach house is putting a crimp in some folks’ style. The article makes a point of mentioning than it’s middle and upper class families that are feeling the “financial pinch”; I suppose those are the ones most likely to own the big gas guzzlers, although even in my low income bracket, it’s still running me over thirty bucks to fill-up.

Regardless, while the two car households across the country are trying to refine (heh) their lives, nobody’s doing anything completely crazy like looking for a more gas efficient vehicle. At least, not anytime soon:

But the price spike hasn't influenced people's views on buying more fuel-efficient cars.

A year ago, four in 10 said they were considering getting a car with better mileage — the same number who say that now, according to the AP-Ipsos poll of 1,000 adults taken Monday through Wednesday. The poll has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Auto industry watcher Erich Merkle said gas prices would have to top $4 a gallon in the next six to nine months to significantly affect sales of SUVs and light trucks.
Huzzah! I sometimes wonder what the tipping point is for the average American- how much personal inconvenience (or moral horror) is necessary before someone will make a significant change in their own lives, or start taking action against the predominant status quo. Some combination has finally forced the ostriches of the country to wake up about Bush, and it would be nice to remember the exact pieces, in case we ever need it again.

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