Happy Birthday, Spudsy!!!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
You look like a liberal traitor,
And you smell like one, too!

(I was doing an image search for “Happy Birthday Paul,” just to see what I’d find, and found that picture. It was so adorable, I had to post it!)

Paul and I met in person for the first time last year on my birthday, a meeting that was a decade in the making. We were first in the same room when I went to see a play that he was in, back when I was still in college. I saw it a bunch of times, because it was a fun thing to do with out-of-town visitors—funny, cheap, and heavily dependent on improv, so repeat viewings didn’t feel repetitive. The insane Dr. Finger was always my favorite character, mainly because of the madman who played him with gusto.

What were the odds that madman would turn up in my comments thread one day ten years later?

Life is funny.

I’ll see you tonight, gorgeous. Happy birthday.

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