#365feministselfie: Week 25

I am participating once again in the #365feministselfie project, now in its sixth year. Here is a thread for others to share selfies and/or talk about the project, visibility generally, self-appreciation, and related topics. And also because I always just love seeing your splendid faces!

A few of my selfies over the last week and a half:

image of me from the shoulders up, standing my garden, wearing grey-framed glasses and a black tank-top, smiling slightly
I was in A Mood.

image of me with my BFF Deeky from the shoulders up inside a dark theater
In Brooklyn with Deeks for the taping of Gary Gulman's
special The Great Depresh. Eeeeee!!!

image of me in a bar, taken from my midsection looking upward; I am smiling with my hair down and wearing grey-framed glasses and a t-shirt that says 'Vulgar Lush'
I was super prepared to see Gar. ("Vulgar Lush" is from one of his bits.)

image of my foot resting on the back of the sofa; Iain is sitting on the sofa with his back to me, reaching over his head to grab my toes
"What are you doing?" "I'm trying to start a friction fire with your toes!"

image of me standing in a full-length mirror in my guest room, with my hair down, wearing grey-framed glasses, a light turquoise blouse, dark grey trousers, and grey shoes
A going-out-for-BBQ with Iain and Deeks look.

image of me standing in my driveway smiling, pictured from the shoulders up, wearing grey-framed glasses, red lip gloss, a white cami, and a loose black cover-up with a floral print
On my way out for a date with Iain.

image of me in a full-length mirror in my guest room, with my hair down, wearing a black necklace, a lavender long-sleeved top, and a black skort with white polka dots
A going to therapy look.

close-up of me showing off the black necklace I am wearing in the previous photo: it reads 'protagonist'
Be the star of your own story.

Please feel welcome and encouraged to share your own selfies in comments, or share your thoughts on the project, or solicit encouragement or advice, or do whatever else feels best for you to participate, if you are inclined to do so!

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