Nativist Wreck Mark Morgan Appointed Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection

[Content Note: Nativism; abuse.]

Following the announcement yesterday that at least 100 children who had been moved out of a concentration camp with "appalling" conditions were being moved back, Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection John Sanders resigned, or was forced out, and Trump has appointed Mark Morgan to be acting commissioner.

At the Washington Post, Nick Miroff and Josh Dawsey report: "A week after beginning his reelection campaign with promises of mass deportations, [Donald] Trump sent the agencies responsible for immigration enforcement deeper into disarray on Tuesday, replacing his interim border chief with a figure he plucked from cable news punditry last month."

A figure he plucked from cable news punditry.

[CN: Video may autoplay at link] At the Huffington Post, Roque Planas has more details on Morgan's tenure at Fox News as professional nativist wreck:
A week later, Morgan returned to the show for what was already his third appearance. This time, he took aim at child migrants ― a group generally viewed with sympathy by even the toughest voices on immigration.

"I've been to detention facilities where I've walked up to these individuals that are so-called minors, 17 or under," Morgan said. "I've looked at them and I've looked at their eyes, Tucker — and I've said that is a soon-to-be MS-13 gang member. It's unequivocal."

In the five months that followed, Morgan became Trump's most prolific media cheerleader on immigration. He racked up nearly 100 television and radio appearances following his debut on Tucker Carlson Tonight, running the gamut from CNN to conservative talk radio programs hosted by Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity.

No outlet embraced him more wholeheartedly than Fox News.
After saying on air that he has looked into the eyes of children and seen future gang members, Morgan, Planas notes, "will now head an agency that currently has thousands of migrant children in its care."

On Twitter, BuzzFeed's Hamed Aleaziz observes: "Per DHS official, Mark Morgan has been picked to take over CBP and Matt Albence is now back as acting director of ICE. White House allies are now in charge of the 3 immigration components: USCIS, ICE, CBP."

Donald Trump launched his political career engaging in nativism with his birther campaign against President Barack Obama. He launched his 2016 presidential campaign engaging in nativism by descending on an escalator to declare Mexican immigrants rapists. He has spent the first years of his term engaging in all manner of nativist malice against Muslim and Indian and Latinx people. He launched his reelection bid by declaring a purge of undocumented immigrant families and is consigning migrant children to concentration camps.

And now he has solidified control over every immigration arm in the federal government by appointing sycophantic minions who will execute his sadistic vision without question or compunction.

[CN: Image of death at link] People are already dying. Trump doesn't even have to establish death camps; he just has to instruct his ghouls at USCIS, ICE, and CBP to shut down access points to refugees, forcing them across deserts where they die of exposure or rivers where they drown. He just has to allow toxic conditions at "detainment facilities" to kill people by neglect or disease or just the goddamned heat.

It is urgent to impeach him. This must happen now.

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