Let's Talk About Keanu Reeves

Let's talk about Keanu Reeves, because he is probably the greatest thing in all of our lives right now. (J/k obvs, but seriously he's pretty great and we're all beyond tired of talking about the Russian Nesting Doll of Character Defects Who Shall Not Be Named, so.)

What the fuck indeed.

Once upon a time, probably circa 2006, I posted something about how Keanu Reeves was one of my favorite actors, and literally every comment was someone screaming at me about how he was terrible and I was ridiculous. I STOOD MY GROUND! And now I welcome all latecomers to my Keanu Reeves Party, which has been raging since 1986.

I've written a handful of super random shit about Keanu in this space over the years, whether it's recommending good interviews he's given, or defending him from ridiculous fat shaming, or this shit, or that shit, or the time I had a dream in which I started a new religion as a joke which spiraled out of control, and it was called Fucktology and its adherents worshipped Keanu Reeves.

One of those pieces opens with: "I have been MUCH MALIGNED (oh the humanity!) over the years for my futile defenses of Keanu Reeves in many an 'overrated/bad actors' thread in this space, lol, but I cannot help that I have a huge soft spot for him and find him ridiculously endearing."

True in 2012 and true in 2019! Also true when I had posters of him hung on my wall in middle school and people were giving me shit about it even then!

Always a Cassandra, I tell ya. But I'm glad that everyone finally sees what I have known all along: Keanu Reeves is everything.

* * *

Here are some fun things to read today about Keanu Reeves!

Naomi Fry at the New Yorker: Keanu Reeves Is Too Good for This World

And all the responses to this tweet by New Yorker editor Michael Luo, asking: "Do you have your own Keanu Story?" Spoiler Alert: Keanu is the best.

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