Trump Announces 5% (and Increasing) Tariffs on Goods Imported from Mexico

[Content Note: Nativism; food insecurity.]

Last night, Donald Trump announced a 5% tariff on all goods imported from Mexico, for the absolutely ridiculous reason of trying to force Mexico to stop undocumented immigration into the U.S. even though: 1. Mexico cannot do that; 2. Trump's policies are what is causing a humanitarian crisis at the southern border; 3. A significant portion of the U.S. food supply is imported from Mexico.

And it won't stop at 5%, according to Trump, who also says he will "raise tariffs to 10% in July, 15% in August, 20% in September and 25% in October... And only eliminate them if and when Mexico takes 'effective actions' to alleviate the 'illegal immigration crisis.'"

Trump routinely asserts when he announces tariffs that other countries will pay those tariffs, but that's simply not how it works. The cost of those tariffs get passed on to U.S. consumers — and millions of people across this nation cannot afford a 5% increase in their grocery bills, no less a 25% increase.

If Trump follows through on this malicious threat, people will starve. And as I have previously noted, only the most brutal dictators starve their own people.

Impeach him now. For fuck's sake.

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