This Is Who They Are

At some point today, some number of Senate Republicans may vote to overrule Donald Trump's emergency declaration for border wall funding, which will in turn prompt him to use his first veto.

Earlier today, Trump's former attorney, Ty Cobb, reportedly called Special Counsel Bob Mueller "an American hero."

Roger Stone is supposedly turning on Trump, just like Michael Cohen supposedly turned on Trump (though nothing more convincingly proves that these shitwheels are still colluding with Trump than the fact they're walking around free with no fear of being assassinated by the Kremlin).

My point is, there are always things happening that give the illusion the Republicans might finally be turning on Trump. Those are some of the things happening today, capturing lots of headlines and airtime in the political press.

But this is the most important item of the day:

Never mind anything else that happens. This is what you need to pay attention to and remember. When it comes right down to investigating Trump's rank criminality, the Republicans are always going to take a pass.

They will continue to refuse to do their goddamn jobs unless and until the day that Donald Trump becomes no more use to them and they're ready to install Mike Pence.

And not a day before.

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