The First Day of Cohen's Congressional Testimony Reminds Us He Is a Liar and a Terrible Person

Not that any of us needed a reminder that Michael Cohen is both a liar and a terrible person, but his first day of three days of testimony offered that pointed reminder all the same. It was closed-door testimony, but we have a good picture of what he told Congressional investigators based on his prepared opening statement.

Reading his statement, my two primary thoughts were: 1. I don't trust for a moment that this is the whole truth. Cohen has been playing games this whole time, and I don't believe he's stopped. 2. Cohen abetted Donald Trump knowing exactly what kind of vile person he is. He's no hero. Fuck him.

Cohen says in his statement: "The last time I appeared before Congress, I came to protect Mr. Trump. Today, I'm here to tell the truth about Mr. Trump." And he does tell some truth about Trump, especially regarding details about things Trump has said and done that are objectionable but not illegal, but he also leaves out an enormous amount.

For example: As Sarah Kendzior has noted, Cohen "left out the part where he and fellow lifelong Russian mobster Felix Sater emailed each other in Nov 2015 about their plan to 'get Trump elected' with help of the Kremlin."

That's some very selective testimony, excluding the piece(s) that would have firmly established collusion.

And it's a strategy: Cohen is testifying to things that are offensive — and embarrassing and implicating Trump's low character — in order to give the appearance of telling all, while leaving out things that are explicitly criminal.

The possible criminality to which Cohen does testify — hush payments to women with whom Trump had affairs — is what we already knew. It's what got his ass dragged before investigators in the first place.

His credibility is nonexistent. He shouldn't be trusted, especially when it's manifestly apparent he is still working to protect Trump.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Trump referred to murderous dictator Kim Jong Un as his "friend." That's the traitorous wreck Cohen helped become president, and whom Cohen continues to try to insulate from consequences.

I don't know that we'll ever get the whole truth from Michael Cohen. Liars lie.

Day Two of his testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee begins at 10am ET today. If you want to watch live, C-SPAN will be streaming it.

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