Not-Breaking News: Tucker Carlson Is a Dirtbag

[Content Note: Misogyny; rape culture; toxic masculinity.]

At MediaMatters, Madeline Peltz has published unearthed audio (with transcripts) of Fox News' Tucker Carlson saying disgusting things about women and girls, including rank rape apologia.

Suffice it to say, I am hardly surprised.

Carlson has long been a bigoted shitwheel, and one of his favorite pastimes on his various cable news shows over the years (because the opportunities never run out for mediocre white dudes) has been harassing women.

When I briefly became a subject of national interest while working for John Edwards, Carlson invited Bill Donohue to be a guest on his show, where they talked shit about me and Donohue detailed his desire to personally bankrupt me.

I still remember sitting on my couch at home beside Iain, watching Carlson talk about me and thinking: He's using my name and photo, but the person he's describing is unrecognizable as me.

I was deliberately monsterized, because Carlson likes putting a target on women's backs.

I'm hardly the only woman to whom he's subjected to such vile treatment. None of us needed to hear him use vulgar language to know that he hates women.

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