MAGA Teen Harasser Force

[Content Note: White supremacy; anti-choicery.]

I have only one other thing to say about this group of privileged thugs, who spent the day harassing women in between attending an anti-choice rally and intimidating a Native American elder: I utterly refuse to be gaslighted by these wrecks of humanity and the PR firms they hire to try to convince me that they're good, upstanding, young patriots.

It's just absurd gaslighting to assert this kid was "smiling" and not smirking menacingly. That expression isn't open to interpretation. It's very clear body language.

It's the look of someone who thinks he's superior to the person at whom he's looking, and will hurt anyone who disagrees.

I've been looked at that way before, by people just like this kid and his cohort of harassers. And I will not pretend that I see anything other that what was clearly — and purposefully — written across his face.

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