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This is a thread to share all the good things you're watching at the moment, or have recently watched. Serialized shows on broadcast or streaming; films; digital shorts; stand-up; documentaries; performances — whatever! Tell us what you're watching and enjoying these days.

I can barely even think because I'm so nervous about the election, and I bet I'm not alone, so let's have some semi-mindless and blissfully distracting conversation about television and movies!

I am majorly in love with the new Netflix film Ibiza, also known as Ibiza: Love Drunk, starring Gillian Jacobs, Phoebe Robinson, Vanessa Bayer, and Richard Madden, and written by Lauryn Kahn.

promotional image for Ibiza featuring the three female leads

So, let me tell you some of the many reasons I love this movie!

1. It's in the same sort of mold as Bridesmaids, Girl Trip, Fun Mom Dinner, the Bad Moms movies, etc. which are right up my alley. Give me a bunch of talented, hilarious ladies going haywire, and I AM IN.

2. It's a feminist romantic comedy. Take my money.

3. The cast! SO GOOD.

4. It's about an American woman and a Scottish man falling in love, to a kickass EDM soundtrack. Come on now. Was this movie literally made for me?!

[Hereafter are spoilers, so proceed with caution!]

5. The dude gets to be a nervous dork, too! He leaves a rambling voicemail! He trips when he's trying to make a cool exit! And the dude also gets to have feelings, too! "Maybe we just like each other." Swoon. When the camera just lingers on his face as he watches her being silly. Amazing. He has to go to her. YES.

6. Such affirmative messaging about how romance and sex aren't the same thing and don't have to be.

7. This is the big one: There is no contrived tension. There's no falling out where the friends all storm off in different directions because of some stupid misunderstanding that would have been easily resolved between three real friends in the actual world. (Instead, they pull together in every moment of strife.) There's no reversal where the dude does something objectively disgusting that the lady is obliged to inexplicably forgive just to arrive at a happy (?) ending. It feels real as a result.

The tension of the film is in being a young woman in the world and taking risks. Things could go wrong, because of dodgy cabbies or dodgy dates or dodgy drugs. The tension is the same as the backdrop of any woman's life, and the truth of the film is that these women might get hurt, but they're not the ones who will hurt each other.

Ah! I love this film. That is all.

Anyway! What are you watching these days?

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