Today, We Celebrate 80 Years of Badassery

Rep. Waters arrived in the United States Congress in 1990 with over 79% of the popular vote in her district and a distinguished career of accomplishments in the California State Assembly. She got right to work being awesome.

Below, a clip from 1995 of Rep. Waters on the House floor, talking about then-Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich with her special brand of fiery indignation.

Waters is recognized by the chamber and begins to speak.

No, we have not forgotten — we thought you had — but finally, after the filing of many complaints against Speaker Newt Gingrich and fourteen months later, the House Ethics Committee found the Speaker guilty guilty guilty on one, two, three counts of violating House rules by misusing official resources, and the Committee appointed a special outside counsel to investigate another serious charge about the Speaker's political GOPAC operation.

Well, it's about time! Believe me: The American public does not appreciate double standards. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. No one should be so big, so important, so powerful they can violate the rules of this House and the laws of this country without suffering the consequences.

Newt may be Speaker; however, he too must account for any and all wrongdoing. It's about time. Let's get on with the business of finding out who Newt Gingrich really is.
Twenty-three years ago, Rep. Waters was calling for accountability for unethical Republican leadership. She has been on the right side of history, and she's got the receipts.

Thank you for representing We the People, Rep. Waters. Happy birthday. The world is a better place because you're in it.

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