Hard Choices

Shakers, I was faced with a dilemma: Do I write yet another post about how Bill Maher is a despicable piece of shit who loves making rape jokes, or do I post and transcribe an adorable video I just saw of a baby elephant chasing birds? DECISIONS DECISIONS!

J/k baby elephant wins hands down.

Video Description: On a grassy and rocky hillside, on which elephants are chilling alongside spiral-horned antelope and (what I think are) water buffalo, a baby elephant chases an adult antelope, who doesn't appear particularly interested in playing.

The man behind the camera, who we cannot see, laughs. The baby elephant then turns its attention to a group of large grey birds (grouse, I believe), and chases after them. The birds squawk and scatter. The man and an unseen woman laugh.

The baby elephant continues chasing the birds, who playfully dodge the calf, and then whoooooopsy! Baby falls on its face in a highly comedic fashion. The people laugh, with the same affection of a grown-up who sees a baby human take a tumble, as the baby gets up and runs directly to mama for comfort.

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