Discussion Thread: How Are You?

The pace of the authoritarian takeover of our democracy feels like it is precipitously increasing. The various investigations into Donald Trump's myriad corruptions are dragging on endlessly, and, in the meantime, irreparable damage is being done to the republic. The vast majority of people either don't care, don't understand, or are profoundly underestimating how extraordinary difficult, if not impossible, it will be to return us to a functional, if imperfect, democracy from this extensive decay.

I feel scared about what is happening, and angry that I was shouted down as a hysterical alarmist when I warned that it would.

And I miss Matilda.

So, overall, I'm feeling pretty crappy at the moment. But I'm focusing on the things that make me feel good: My gratitude and affection for this community; relief that Olivia is still doing well after her cancer surgery; dear friends near and far; and the continued good fortune of being loved by and having the opportunity to love Iain.

How are you?

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