Constantly Breaking News: Trump Is Terrible for Women

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

This is a very good piece by Sabrina Siddiqui at the Guardian: How Has Donald Trump's First Year Affected Women?

In it, Siddiqui details many of the policies directly and negatively affecting women in the U.S., and also how a misogynist agenda is inspiring women to fight back.

It's accurate, if incomplete — which is no criticism of Siddiqui. Trying to encapsulate in a single article the Trump-Pence agenda's every attack on women — and trans men, and many genderqueer and intersex people, in the process — over the last year would be genuinely impossible.

Especially because every bit of his governing malice, from economic policy to immigration policy to healthcare policy and beyond, affects women just as much as, if not more than in many cases, it affects men. Particularly women with multiple axes of marginalization.

And then there is this: One of the major ways that Trump's first year has affected progressive women, profoundly, is by adding an absolutely enormous amount of stress and anxiety to our lives.

It's not just what's happening every goddamn day, the relentless drumbeat of cruelty and corruption and incompetence, but the constant worry about what will happen tomorrow. And the day after that. And in the coming weeks and the next year and the time to follow.

What will happen to our country? To the world? What will happen to me? To my family?

And when I am not busy fretting, I am busy being full of rage and full of grief, and wondering what I can do to not feel so frustratingly impotent, unable to make a meaningful difference as so much I value slips away.

And a constant thread of resentment runs through my every waking hour. I am bitter about who isn't our president, and about who is.

And I am so fucking sad, so much of the time, because I cannot stop, nor do I want to, thinking about the people who are being harmed by this presidency, by this president and his reprehensible party.

There are days, many of them, when I feel I won't be able take another day of it. I know all too well that I am not alone.

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