Discussion Thread: How Are You?

The news continues to be a lot. I remain a human being with a tenuous grasp on my intactness, who is just over here deep-breathing, trying to get through it and not collapse into a pile of dust.

I feel very sad about the number of progressives people I encounter who are responding to the erosion of democratic tenets and the normalization of authoritarian indecencies by ceding principle; by imagining, inexplicably, that countering tyranny with tyranny could ever, would ever, work.

Some of it is self-preservation, I realize — a dark instinct born of the realization, consciously or emerging only as an unrecognizable bubble rising from the depths of one's guts, that we're losing ground at a precipitous pace.

Some of it is frustration: If you can't beat 'em fair, beat 'em ugly.

Some of it is straight-up that the majority of people, on either side of the aisle, are far less concerned with harm mitigation than winning, at any cost.

All of it makes me despair. All of it makes me glad for this community.

How are you doing?

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