Carol E. Lee and Mike Memoli at NBC News: Pence Creates His Own VP Club With Biden and Cheney. UGH! Worst club ever!
[Vice President Mike Pence] speaks with Joe Biden on the phone at least once a month, and he's had numerous conversations with Dick Cheney, even meeting in his West Wing office, according to people close to the two former vice presidents. Their discussions involve an exchange of ideas and advice, these people said, with Biden and Cheney offering their counsel on foreign and domestic policy issues, the interplay between the White House and Capitol Hill, and how to navigate the country's No. 2 job.

...The aide said Pence "shares a warm relationship" with Biden, "and they've spoken many times, particularly on foreign affairs matters."

The outreach between Biden and Pence flows both ways.

Pence has called Biden before each of his foreign trips to get his views on the policies and personalities at play in the countries he was visiting. Biden, in turn, has spoken with Pence before his own overseas trips to inquire if the White House has any messages it would like him to deliver, or if there were any sensitivities around the administration's policy efforts.
You know, if this were any other administration, I would just consider that business as usual.

But this is not a normal administration.

We are fighting fascists here, and Biden is asking them how he can be a good messenger. Fuck that.

There was a time when I might have given Biden credit for staying in the loop to keep tabs, but his behavior has long since eroded any rationale for a good-faith presumption of loyalty to marginalized people. Or to anyone but himself, frankly.

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