Tom Hardy Thinks You're Perfect Just as You Are

Logo for CBeeBies Bedtime Story. Cut to Tom Hardy sitting on a chair, holding a plush dachshund, wearing a rainbow hat.

Tom: Hello, I'm Tom. Look who's joined us for tonight's bedtime story.

He looks at the stuffed dog in his lap.

Tom: It's a sausage dog. Do you like dogs? Mm. Me, too. And tonight's story is about a colorful sausage dog, just like our friend here. The story is called "Odd Dog Out," and is written and illustrated by Rob Biddulph.

Over images from the children's book illustrating the story, Tom lyrically reads the verses of the text.

Tom: For busy dogs, a busy day. Busy work; busy play. Swimmer, sailor, soldier, scout — they all blend in; no dog stands out. But wait — look closer; can you see? One dog, behaving differently. Someone on this busy street is dancing to a different beat. When they fly high, this dog flies low. When they say "kick," this dog says "throw." It's very sad (cue violin), But this small dog does not fit in.

"It's true," she sniffs. "I've tried my best. But I'm not made like all the rest. And that's why I've made up my mind to leave this town, my home, behind." On her own and out of place, she sighs a sigh and packs a case. Through winter, springtime, summer, fall; from ocean deep to mountain tall; she walks 'til she can walk no more. Is this the place she's looking for?

"Well, bless my bow-wow! Can it be? A hundred others — just like me! I play guitar! I ride a bike! I fit right in — we are all alike!"

But wait — look closer; can you see? One dog, behaving differently. Somebody this afternoon is whistling a different tune. Here's something she knows all about: A classic case of odd dog out. "Poor thing," she says. "I feel for you. I once was an outsider, too."

"Oh, no, not at all. You've got it wrong. I really feel like I belong. I love to stand out from the crowd! And so should you — stand tall; be proud!"

Her tummy flipped; her belly flopped, as finally the penny dropped. "That dog is right. It's plain to see there's nothing wrong with being me."

Her little tail begins to wag; she smiles a smile and grabs her bag. "I'm sorry, but I have to fly."

"Good luck, my friend!" They wave goodbye.

From night and moon to light and sun, her journey home has just begun. For busy dogs, a busy day. "But look who's back! Hip-hip-hooray!" They cheer, they clap, they whoop, they shout: "We've really missed our odd dog out! You've made us all appreciate that being different is really great."

It's true — look closer; can you see? More dogs behaving differently. Each one — a doggie superstar. So blaze a trail. Be who you are.

Cut back to Tom, who makes a noise as though his mind has been blown.

Tom: Bwaahhh that's a brilliant story! Our doggie friend learnt that she's perfect just the way she is, and helped other sausage dogs realize they're all doggie superstars in their own way.

Tom nods thoughtfully.

Tom: That's cool. Now it's time for you to go to sleep. All right, dream away and be proud that you are exactly who you are. Sleep tight, and I'll see you soon for another bedtime story. Until then, night-night.
♥ ♥ ♥

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