Hurricane Harvey

Here again is a thread for info-sharing, updates, checking in, and sharing additional resources on how we can support those affected by the hurricane and flooding. As always, let's keep the thread image-free. Thanks.

A few items: [CN: Death; displacement; video may autoplay at link] Harvey Flooding Prompts New Evacuations Near Houston's Barker Reservoir; Death Toll Climbs to At Least 29.
The death toll from Harvey climbed to at least 29 Thursday, as new mandatory evacuations were issued around Houston's Barker Reservoir.

...Even as Houston began to pick up the pieces left behind by the storm, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that "the worst is not yet over" for the southeastern part of the state, where widespread flooding continues.

The Federal Emergency Management Administration says nearly one million people have registered for assistance, while the Texas Department of Public Safety says more than 48,700 homes have been affected by flooding and other damage since Friday.

...Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo told the Associated Press Tuesday that his agency has rescued roughly 4,100 people, and Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said his agency has saved more than 3,000.

Harris County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Parisa Safarzadeh said her agency has rescued more than 3,000 people, and U.S. Coast Guard Lt. Mike Hart says they have also rescued more than 3,000, both in Houston and in outlying cities and subdivisions.

Overall, more than 13,000 people have been rescued in the Houston area, and roughly 18,000 people have been rescued in southeast Texas.
The worst of the flooding is not yet over in some areas; in others, the water is beginning to recede. It's when the water begins to recede that the scope of the devastation becomes clear. Casualties will rise, and the extent of property losses will be evident. People will have to begin dealing with the stress of rebuilding and navigating an overwhelmed insurance system. There will be so much mold. Trauma of loss and survival will emerge in unexpected ways.

Media attention on the effects of Harvey will fade, but those of us outside the affected areas should prepare ourselves and resolve to keep the people there in our thoughts for much longer than the camera will stay focused on them.

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Keri Blakinger, Matt Dempsey, Andrew Kragie, and Margaret Kadifa at the Houston Chronicle: [Content Note: Video may autoplay at link] Explosions Reported at Flooded Crosby Chemical Plant. "A fire broke out at the Arkema plant in Crosby early Thursday, following chemical explosions overnight that sent plumes of black smoke into the air. Arkema officials warned that more explosions should be expected because there are eight additional containers of the same product at the plant, which is 25 miles northeast of downtown Houston. Nearby residents should stay inside, turn off their air conditioning, and close their windows and doors. 'You shouldn't be here, but if you haven't left, shelter in place,' Arkema spokesman Jeff Carr said."

Rachel Maddow mentioned the Arkema plant on her show the other night. The chemicals held there must be refrigerated to remain stable. Even their backup generators were flooded, so the refrigeration went down.

Fifteen deputies were hospitalized "after being affected by an irritant in the smoke of the fire. Eight of them have since been released."

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Joanna Walters at the Guardian: How to Help People Affected by Storm Harvey. Also good advice here for avoiding "charity" scams.

There is also list of ways to help here. Please feel welcome and encouraged to share additional ways to help in comments.

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