Ally Boguhn at Rewire: DNC Chair Tom Perez to Meet with Anti-Choice Democrats.
Kristen Day, executive director of anti-choice group Democrats for Life of America (DFLA), confirmed to Rewire on Tuesday that the group was planning to meet with Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Tom Perez, though the specifics have yet to be scheduled.

Aides to Perez told the Atlantic in a report published Tuesday that Perez would meet with DFLA, and that the meeting came at the request of the group. It is to be "one of several conversations that Perez is having with pro-choice and pro-life Democrats," the publication said.
What in the actual fuck.

I don't have the goddamned energy to spend the next hour of my life detailing (again) everything that is wrong with this, so I will just have to let this tweet suffice.

[Content Note: Sexual assault] If you are a Democrat who was horrified by Trump's "grab them by the pussy" comments, then I don't know where the fuck you get off not being horrified by the idea of restrictions on access to abortion.

I have previously noted on many occasions (here, was probably the fist time) that I'm hard-pressed to see why I should be any less contemptuous of a man (or woman) who sits at a big mahogany desk in a government building making decisions about my body without my consent than I should be of the man who used physical force to make decisions about my body without my consent.

It is an observation by which anti-choice folks are outraged. They are horrified to be compared, even obliquely, to sexual predators. As well they should be. I am horrified to have to make it. But anyone who holds the position that they should be able to legislate away my bodily autonomy and supersede my consent about what happens to my body shouldn't be too goddamned surprised by the comparison.

One must be ridiculously incapable of self-reflection to simultaneously argue that sexual assault (forcing a woman to do something with her body she doesn't want to do) is a Terrible Thing, but the denial of abortion (forcing a woman to do something with her body she doesn't want to do) is a Moral Imperative.

Disallowing access to abortion, i.e. forced birth, is an inherently violent position which values fetuses more highly than the people who carry them.

I am utterly unwilling to pretend otherwise, and I wonder why the hell Tom Perez does not agree.

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