There's a Lot Going on, But...

So, I'm reading this Washington Post piece by Ashley Parker and Philip Rucker, "Upheaval is now standard operating procedure inside the White House," and I come to this paragraph:
Staffers buzz privately about who is up and who is down, with many eagerly gossiping about which poor colleague gets an unflattering portrayal on NBC's "Saturday Night Live." For the past two weeks, it has been White House press secretary Sean Spicer. But aides said Trump was especially upset by a sketch that cast White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon as the Grim Reaper manipulating the president — who was ultimately relegated to a miniature desk, playing dolefully with an expandable toy.
All I can think is: Is there not a single person in Trump's inner circle of sycophants who can get him to stop watching SNL?

I know there's a lot going on, and this is hardly the most pressing news, but this is a serious question.

It is worrying that there isn't a single person who can tear him away from a comedy show that drives him bananas. It speaks to his receptiveness, or cavernous lack thereof, to advice.

Which is going to be a very big problem during a national crisis.

Especially with a president who doesn't know the first fucking thing about the job.

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