I Will Never Stop Being Angry About This

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has no idea what the fuck he's doing. His only unerring certainty is that white supremacy is a valiant central objective of a presidential agenda, which is reprehensible in the bloody extreme.

He has no understanding of what the presidency actually entails; he has nary the shadow of a clue about how the government works; he has no ability to create (or seemingly even read) policy; he doesn't know the rules, and, even if he did, wouldn't believe they apply to him; and he is colossally incapable of and/or resistant to hiring qualified and competent people, which is to say nothing of his chronic aversion to surrounding himself with decent people.

He is more out of his depth than a lungfish on the International Space Station.

And he knows it. Which is why he doing shit like this: "A source close to the president, who was not [at Mar-a-Lago last weekend] but had knowledge of the situation, told me that Trump was going around tables during dinner asking guests what he should do about Priebus and Spicer—a crowdsourcing game he reportedly played when he was deciding which candidate to choose for vice president, and again, when picking who he would nominate as secretary of state. (A White House spokesperson did not immediately respond to request for comment.)"

His insecurity about flailing into monumental failure has left him paralyzed with indecision, so he's just randomly soliciting advice about whether to keep members of his staff or get rid of them.

I will point again to Paul Waldman wisely observing that this was the inevitable result of electing a man to run the government despite his having not a single day of governing experience and his boasting of aggressive contempt for the government and the people who have been running it.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, the most well-prepared and most qualified candidate ever to seek the presidency, was resoundingly demeaned as an "establishment" candidate, an inherently misogynistic narrative, despite the fact that being part of the "establishment" is what prepares people for a job as globally important as the United States presidency.

And then there is this, a point I made in what may have been the most important piece I wrote during the last election, now long forgotten: Revolution via monumental, sudden, chaotic upheaval always harms vulnerable people the most.

Privileged people sneered at Clinton's incrementalist approach, but the civil turmoil that accompanies the kind of swift, shock-and-awe "revolution" being ushered in by Trump's dysfunctional administration is precisely why incrementalism is not only wise but kind.

Hillary Clinton knew what the fuck she was doing. And, at this point, no one with any sense should continue to argue that that didn't matter.

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