So This Happened

It's unclear to what "delay" Trump is referring, but it's being interpreted to mean Putin saying he won't immediately eject U.S. diplomats, as was urged by his foreign minister, in retaliation for President Obama's punitive measures against Russia.

Which is pretty terrifying. And further signals collusion. Putin says he won't hit back, because he knows it's all meaningless as soon as Trump takes office. Trump pronounces Putin a fucking genius. Both of them orchestrating against the sitting U.S. President.

Here's what a lot of people really fail to understand: Yes, Trump is an authoritarian and will be a "strongman" given the slightest opportunity, but that actually doesn't project strength to the rest of the world. To the contrary, it creates a power/leadership vacuum—which Putin knows better than anyone, and it is a vacuum he is eager to fill.

Which is why he personally orchestrated interference in the election to Trump's benefit.

As I have said before and will no doubt say again: This is not the beginning of a coup; it is the end of one.

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