Hillary Clinton Writes Historic Op-Ed for LGBT Newspaper

During the 2008 election, Hillary Clinton did an interview with the legendary, 40-year-old Philadelphia Gay News, during which she promised to make global LGBT rights an active "part of American foreign policy," which is a promise she kept.

As Secretary of State, Clinton not only expanded the rights of LGBT State Department employees and approved a crucial change on passport rules for trans people, but also gave a landmark address on global LGBT rights, declaring that "gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights" and introducing "the first U.S. Government strategy dedicated to combating human rights abuses against LGBT persons abroad."

She made a radical promise to PGN during a historic interview in 2008, and then she kept that promise—even if she ended up doing it as Secretary of State rather than as President.

At the end of that interview eight years ago, PGN asked her if she would still speak with them if she became the Democratic nominee, to which Clinton replied: "Absolutely and I'll speak to you as president."

Now she is the Democratic nominee, and she's made good on that promise, too.

In her op-ed for PGN, Clinton addresses the threat to LGBT rights posed by the Trump-Pence ticket, but, even more importantly, lays out her plan to not only protect LGBT rights but expand them:
If I'm fortunate enough to be elected president, I'll protect the progress we've fought so hard to achieve—and I'll keep fighting until every American can live free from discrimination and prejudice.

That means working to pass the Equality Act. It would finally provide LGBT people full federal nondiscrimination protections in housing, employment and so much more. I know that differences of opinion on LGBT equality still exist in the hearts of some Americans, but they should not exist under our laws. As president, I'll be your partner in bringing about the vision of the inclusive nation that advocates, activists and allies have been seeking for decades.

…I also believe we must address the ongoing issue of violence against the LGBT community. LGBT people are now more likely than any other group to be the target of a hate crime. America saw the effects of hate in Orlando, with the attack on the Pulse nightclub—the deadliest mass shooting by a single person in our history. The danger is compounded for LGBT people of color, who face intersectional pressures and dangers, particularly transgender people of color. Last year, more than 20 transgender women were killed in America. Recently, three were murdered right here in Philadelphia.

We need to stop the violence and save LGBT lives.

…And as president, I'll keep fighting for LGBT rights, because—as I told the world in one of the most important speeches I gave as Secretary—they are human rights. And I won't quit until all our laws reflect that basic reality.
Her proposals also include better data collection to address hate crimes; gun reform; health reform; and HIV/AIDS research. Which still doesn't cover everything in her complete policy fact sheet.

In 2008, Clinton was the only one to show up. And then she showed up as Secretary of State. And now she is showing up again, just like she said she would, promising to keep showing up if she is elected.

Donald Trump was also offered to write an op-ed for PGN. He declined.

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