Clinton Teh Gayz

In an interview with the Philadelphia Gay News, Hillary Clinton made a pretty awesomely blunt promise to the gay community to be their ally if she becomes their president, adopting the argument I've repeatedly said the Dems should make regarding federal law—as long as the states are beginning to guarantee full equality, the federal government is obliged to do it, too. Clinton specifically addressed inequities in the tax code and immigration laws (a particular bailiwick of Iain's and mine, given our history), noting she would also "look at everything that is discriminatory in the tax code or in any other aspect of federal law."
Even states that have civil unions, domestic partnerships or even marriage laws are running into roadblocks with the federal government when it comes to federal benefits and privileges. …And we will try to eliminate all of that discrimination. I think we will have a good argument, ironically, because I think we can say, look, the states are making determinations about extending rights to same-sex couples in various forms and the federal government should recognize that and should extend the same access to federal benefits across the board. I will very much work to achieve that.
Clinton also spoke about "how much more intense the mistreatment of LGBT kids" is and why "we need to do everything we can to try to protect our kids and give them a chance to have a productive and safe childhood and adolescence," and noted, in regard to the anti-gay marriage bill currently before the Pennsylvania legislature, that she would be "be very distressed if Pennsylvania were to adopt that kind of mean-spirited referendum and I hope it won't happen." Additionally, she promised to make global gay rights an active "part of American foreign policy."
There are a number of gross human-rights abuses that countries engage in with whom we have relations and we have to be really vigilant and outspoken in our total repudiation of those kinds of actions and do everything we can, including using our leverage on matters such as aid, to change the behavior so we can try to prevent such atrocities from happening.
I know Clinton isn't perfect on gay rights, but damn if that isn't the most amazing shit I've ever heard on the subject from a leading presidential candidate.

At the end of the interview, PGN asked her if she would still speak with them if she becomes the Democratic nominee. Hillary replied: "Absolutely and I’ll speak to you as president." Which totally made me blub.

Barack Obama and John McCain declined to be interviewed.

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