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Here's some stuff in the news today...

[Content Note: Sexual violence] Second-term Obama is nailing it: "A sweeping expansion of law enforcement's obligations to people who report their rape, which victims' advocates have hailed as groundbreaking, cleared a final hurdle in Congress late Wednesday evening and landed on the desk of Barack Obama, who is expected to sign. The bill, inspired by a 24-year-old survivor of sexual assault and introduced in February, extends numerous rights to people whose rape kits are being stored and processed by federal law enforcement agencies. It includes a right to have a rape kit stored, without charge, until the statute of limitations expires, and a right to be notified in writing 60 days before a rape kit is destroyed."

[CN: White supremacy; video may autoplay at link] This LA Times piece on how white supremacists are feeling empowered by Donald Trump's campaign is fucking rage-making. "'I love it,' said [David Duke, 66, former Klan leader and current Senate candidate in Louisiana] tearing into a chicken garlic pizza at a nearby restaurant later. 'The fact that Donald Trump's doing so well, it proves that I'm winning. I am winning.'"

[CN: Misogyny] In other Trump news: "Lawsuit alleges Trump wanted to replace unattractive female employees." Sounds about right.

[CN: Guns] Welp, this is downright terrifying: "What I Saw at an All-Ages Machine-Gun Party." Nope.

This is a very fascinating interview with Greg Rucka on queer narrative and Wonder Woman. "I spent a lot of time thinking about this and talking to a lot of people about this. I wonder what would happen if you are a trans woman transitioning, and you go to Themyscira? Since they're not a heteronormative culture, I wonder if the concept of transgender life or gender confirmation process is one that they've ever even considered. These are the things I think about. I don't have an answer to that. Yet. But I know this: their society has to be the best possible paradise."

"One of the most audacious space missions ever undertaken is about to come to an end. The Rosetta probe that has been tracking a comet for the past two years is going to deliberately crash itself into the 4km-wide ball of ice and dust. European Space Agency scientists say the satellite has come to the end of its useful life and they want to get some final, ultra-close measurements. Rosetta is not expected to survive the impact with Comet 67P. But even if some of its systems remain functional, pre-loaded software on board will ensure everything is shut down on contact." RIP Rosetta. Geez, I've really become attached to this thing! I feel sad.

Neat: "South Jersey woman turns her porch into butterfly sanctuary."

What have you been reading?

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