Good Grief, Man

Yesterday, Donald Trump took another pathetic shot at trying to turn Hillary Clinton's health into a campaign issue:
Donald Trump took a swipe at Hillary Clinton on Wednesday for her early September health episode outside a 9/11 memorial event, mocking the Democratic nominee for not being able to "make it to her car."

"You see all the days off that Hillary takes?" Trump asked the crowd at an Iowa rally. "Day off. Day off. Day off. All those day offs. And then she can't even make it to her car."
You mean the days off she took to recover from pneumonia and then prepare for the debate like a serious person who is serious about running for a serious office?

Yes, Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton had a difficult time "making it to her car" when she had pneumonia and had just been standing outdoors for an hour and a half, following eighteen solid months of campaigning, following decades of public service, during which, in her last gig, she "worked harder and logged more miles than anyone in the administration, including the president."

But, the thing is, when she doesn't have pneumonia, she's got the "stamina" to debate a nightmare monster for 90 minutes and still have the energy to do this:

[Video of Clinton shoulder-shimmying, with Shaq shoulder-shimmying and a cat butt-shimmying.]

—and then head off for a quick appearance at a rally, while you, presumably, went to bed in your gold-thread pajamas and pouted while reading The Collected Essays of Sad Men Who Got Beat by Girls.

So can it with the critiques, bub. She's got plenty of stamina to run circles around you, which is really saying something, since you're the most exhausting person on the entire fucking planet.

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