1. Hillary Clinton doesn't smile enough! Doesn't she know that the primary qualification for being a commander-in-chief is SMILING?!

series of images of George W. Bush smiling in inappropriate military situations

So get smiling, Hillary! And, while you're at it, shove yourself into a military outfit and do some glad-handing with servicemembers obliged by their service to politely tolerate the ridiculous spectacle of your treating the garb of their life-risking jobs like a fucking costume. THAT'S WHAT A REAL COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF DOES, LADY!

2. Donald Trump loves Vladimir Putin so much. His judgment is clearly the best. And, listen, if you think that his one-sided love affair with Putin is evidence of his cavernous lack of judgment, THE JOKE'S ON YOU, because Trump's willingness to say what no one else will say about Putin's awesomeness is PROOF of how amazing his judgment is. Better than literally everyone else's! IT'S CALLED BEING A LEADER. Look it up.

3. Our national media is garbage.

4. Tim Kaine continues to be very delightful and also makes good and serious points about how Donald Trump is a terrible candidate. I hope he's never sent or received any emails or started a foundation that has saved millions of lives or coughed. Although it probably doesn't matter, because he's a dude.

5. Mike Pence continues to be the absolute fucking worst.

60 more days of this shit.

That about sums it up! Discuss.

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