Of Course

As promised threatened, House Republicans have formally requested that Hillary Clinton be investigated for perjury.

You can see their supercool letter here, if you are so inclined!

Recall this exchange during FBI Director James Comey's testimony before a Congressional committee last week, during which Rep. Jason Chaffetz erased any lingering doubt that it was nothing more than a fishing expedition to find any reason to protract this ludicrous partisan spectacle:

Chaffetz: Did Hillary Clinton lie?

Comey: To the FBI? We have no basis to conclude she lied to the FBI.

Chaffetz: Did she lie to the public?

Comey: That's a question I'm not qualified to answer. I can speak about what she said to the FBI.

Chaffetz: Did she—did Hillary Clinton lie under oath?

Comey: Not to the FBI. Not on a case we're working.

Chaffetz: Did you review the documents where Congressman Jim Jordan asked her specifically, and she said, quote, "There was nothing marked classified on my emails, either sent or received," end-quote?

Comey: I don't remember reviewing that particular testimony. I'm aware of that being said, though.

Chaffetz: Did the FBI investigate her statements under oath on this topic?

Comey: Not to my knowledge. I don't think there's been a referral from Congress.

Chaffetz: Do you need a referral from Congress to investigate her—her statements under oath?

Comey: Sure do.

Chaffetz: You'll have one! [laughs] You'll have one in the next few hours!
So here we are.

It's good that the country is in perfect shape right now, so that Republicans can keep their focus on what matters.

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