Donald Trump Is Fomenting Violence. Full-Stop.

[Content Note: Racism; violence; incitement.]

Yesterday, my BNR colleague Eric Kleefeld wrote a great piece about a heinous new advert from Donald Trump's campaign, quite rightly saying the despicable ad "presses just about every button to offend people, and to make the cultural dialogue in America even more difficult than it's already been. This should make perfect sense, as Trump's campaign is based entirely on cultural upheaval; peace and reconciliation would be the worst thing that could happen to him."

Later in the day, during an interview with AP, Trump said "he believes relations between police and the nation's African-American community are 'far worse' than people think, predicting that protests against police violence that followed last week's slaying of five police officers in Dallas 'might be just the beginning for this summer.'"

Then, after pronouncing that "our country is losing its spirit; African-Americans are absolutely losing their spirit," he went on to demonize the Black Lives Matter movement:
Trump also had harsh words for the Black Lives Matters movement, which has organized some of the protests. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a Trump adviser, labeled the group "inherently racist" over the weekend in an interview with CBS News.

...Asked whether he agreed with Giuliani's assessment, Trump said the group's name is "divisive."

"A lot of people agree with that. A lot of people feel that it is inherently racist. And it's a very divisive term," he said. "Because all lives matter. It's a very, very divisive term."

Trump added that has heard some Black Lives Matter activists say "horrible, horrible things about police and about others."

"And certainly if they're going to allow that to go along rhetorically, this is not a good thing for our country," he said.
I am so incandescently angry that I don't even know where to begin to focus my thoughts into coherent commentary. This is wrong. It is dangerous. It is incendiary. It is cruel. It is dishonest. And it's going to get people hurt.

Not only is this man not fit to be president; he's not even fit to run for president. He is totally irresponsible and unfathomably dangerous.

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