[Content Note: White supremacist nationalism.]

This piece by Allegra Kirkland at Talking Points Memo on Donald Trump's appeal to white nationalists is important reading. And though it's never explicitly stated in the piece, this is very specifically about a white supremacist patriarchal nationalism:
Almost every conference attendee TPM spoke with said he or she voted for Trump in the primaries. Some had attended rallies or canvassed for his campaign. A few, like William Johnson, have done much more. Johnson, the founder of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, poured thousands of dollars into his American National Super PAC's effort to blanket early voting states with robocalls urging voters to back Trump. He caused a stir earlier this month when his name appeared on a list of Trump's California delegates.

Though the Trump campaign attributed Johnson's inclusion on the delegate list to a "database error," he told TPM at the conference that his support for the real estate mogul, who he repeatedly called a "strong male leader," was unwavering.
Scary folks, who need to be disempowered. Which is just one more on the endlessly long list of reasons that Donald Trump must never be president.

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