What Is Sanders Even Doing? Afternoon Edition.

Julie Bykowicz, a national reporter for the Associated Press, earlier today tweeted this screencap of a Bernie Sanders fundraising email, in which he tries to tie Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump:

screen cap of part of a fundraising email sent from the Sanders campaign reading: 'Can Bernie count on you to contribute $3 to our campaign right now as a way of saying you are still with Bernie Sanders and believe that every vote and every delegate is an important declaration of the values we share?' That is followed by an image of the Clintons with Donald and Melania Trump, captioned: 'Pictured below: Donald Trump and the one candidate in this race he said would make a 'great president.'' That is then followed by more text: 'Here's the truth: no matter what the Clinton campaign says, there is one candidate in this race Donald Trump said would make a great president, and another that he would never want to face in November.'

1. Trump said that in 2008. I'm pretty sure that, since then, Trump has said that he would make a great president. A tremendous president! The classiest and best president.

2. If Trump doesn't want to face Sanders, then why is he tweeting that Sanders should run as an independent? I'm pretty sure that Trump would be fucking elated to face Sanders in the general election, either as the Democratic candidate or an independent spoiler.

3. BERNIE SANDERS, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING? This is not going to help you win the nomination. All it's going to do is hurt the Democratic Party. Which, as is increasingly clear, is not a bug of your campaign but a feature. Still, you claim to want to "do everything in my power to make sure that no Republican gets into the White House in this election," and if that is not a bald-faced lie, then STOP.

Just stop.

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