This Is Appalling

[Content Note: Eliminationism; stalking; harassment.]

I am, frankly, a little reluctant to write about and link this, for reasons that will become obvious, but I believe it's important to push back hard on it.

Anti-Hillary voters—I am reluctant to say Bernie Sanders supporters, although that is the logical conclusion, given that they are the only two Democratic candidates left in the race—have put together a website called the "Superdelegate Hit List," in which they urge people to find and contact Democratic superdelegates to, presumably, coerce them into doing their bidding.

screen cap of the top of the Superdelegate Hit List page featuring a logo of a donkey with arrows crossed through it and text reading: 'SUPERDELEGATE HIT LIST: It's time we take our democracy back from the DNC. Together we can find the Superdelegates and hold them accountable to our votes.' There are also buttons labeled 'Submit Data' and 'Find Delegates.'

This is just straight-up eliminationist language and the encouragement of stalking and harassment of superdelegates supporting Clinton.

Lest you imagine it's not explicitly targeting Clinton, here's what you see as you scroll down the page:

screen cap of the middle of the page featuring a background image of Clinton with her hands up, her H with an arrow logo turned sideways to convey 'down with Hillary,' and the text: 'THE CLINTONS HAVE A 'HIT LIST' AND NOW WE DO TOO!'

Clinton with her hands raised, and her logo turned sideways to convey "Down with Hillary." Plus a regurgitation of the thoroughly discredited conspiracy theory about the Clintons having a "hit list."

In anticipation of criticisms about their eliminationist imagery and language, the creators of this site include this "hilarious" disclaimer at the bottom of the page:

screen cap of the bottom of the page featuring text reading: 'DISCLAMER: THIS SITE DOES NOT CONDONE SHOOTING DONKEYS WEARING TIES WITH ARROWS.'

Right. But it does condone the doxxing, stalking, and harassment of superdelegates. Clicking on the "Find Delegates" button prominently displayed at the top of the page leads to a "Master Hit List" spreadsheet, detailing the names and contact information of superdelegates—including, in some cases, home addresses.

This is absolutely indecent, abusive, and dangerous. It is anathema to open and free democracy.

And, given that it very specifically targets Hillary Clinton, I certainly expect Bernie Sanders to loudly and unequivocally condemn it. Immediately.

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