Film Corner: Ghostbusters

[Content Note: Slapstick violence.]

It's here!!! The first full-length trailer for this summer's Ghostbusters film, starring Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig!!!

Video Description: Overhead shot of New York City at dusk. Text Onscreen: "30 years ago." Tinkly piano version of Ghostbusters theme. Text Onscreen: "Four scientists saved New York." Shot of New York City street. Text Onscreen: "This summer." Graffiti of Ghostbusters logo in subway. Text Onscreen: "A new team will answer the call."

Cut to Kate McKinnon, a thin white blond woman; Melissa McCarthy, a fat white brunette woman; and Kristen Wiig, a thin white brunette woman, standing in a row, looking petrified. McCarthy, holding a camera, says breathlessly, "It's a class four apparition." Cut to a lady ghost hovering above them, glowing blue. Wiig approaches her. "It's okay," she says. "She seems...peaceful." She reaches out her hand as the ghost looms. "My name is Erin Gilbert, doctor of particle physics. I—" The ghost screams and vomits green slime all over Wiig. McCarthy records it, gape-mouthed. THERE IS SO MUCH SLIME!

Cut to Wiig, all cleaned up, later. "That stuff went everywhere, by the way," she says. "In every crack. Very hard to wash off." McCarthy and McKinnon look horrified.

Text Onscreen, as the Ghostbusters theme begins to play in earnest: "From Columbia Pictures."

Cut to a lab, full of equipment and parts and wires and gadgets. McCarthy says to McKinnon and Wiig: "We have dedicated our whole lives to studying the paranormal. Now there's sightings all over the city."

Cut to Leslie Jones, a tall, thin black woman, who is dressed as a public transit worker, standing in a subway tunnel, looking up at a gaggle of blue-glowing ghosts. Cut to people running in the streets.

"There are people out there who need our help," McCarthy says, back in the lab. A proton pack (!) glows. She says to McKinnon: "Holtzmann, you're a brilliant engineer." McKinnon demonstrates a contraption she's built. She winks and smiles. McCarthy says to Wiig: "Erin, no one's better at quantum physics than you." Wiig stands in front of a giant whiteboard filled with equations and makes finger-guns. "We can provide a real service," says McCarthy, leaning on a piece of equipment and getting shocked. "Ooh that's hot," she whispers, makes a whoopsface.

Cut to Jones, sitting in a booth at the lab. She smiles broadly. "I'm joining the club!" she says. "You guys are really smart about this science stuff, but I know New York." Clip of Jones at work in a transit booth. "And I can borrow a car from my uncle!" Cut to the street outside the lab, where Jones stands with a hearse. "Haha!" she exclaims, spreading her arms.

"Uh, you didn't disclose that the vehicle was gonna be a hearse," McCarthy says. "It's a Cadillac!" Jones replies.

Cut the the hearse Caddy decked out as the Ghostbustermobile, leaving a garage and tearing down a street. Cut to the four women standing outside the Ghostbustermobile in their Ghostbuster uniforms, looking COOL AS FUCK.

"Let's go!" Wiig says. "Let's go!" McCarthy says. "Oh," they both say, and look at each other. "Did you want to—? I'll let you," says McCarthy. "Next time," says Wiig.

The Ghostbustermobile racing down a street at night. The Ghostbusters bustin' ghosts! In voiceover, Wiig says: "Someone is creating a device that amplifies paranormal activity. We might be the only ones who can stop it."

Cut to Wiig walking cautiously through a wig shop. She's startled by McKinnon posing in a wig and hat and making a silly face. "Holtzmann, come on!" she exclaims. McKinnon replies, "The hat is too much, right? Is it the wig or the hat?"

Giant ghost strolling through Times Square! The Ghostbusters ready their proton packs! Wiig shoots at a ghost! McCarthy punches a ghost with a device! Jones, McCarthy, and McKinnon aim their proton shooters at a ghost! Administrative Assistant Chris Hemsworth kicks open a door!

In voiceover, McCarthy says: "There's a bigger picture at hand here: These ghosts can possess the human form."

McCarthy looks in a sink drain glowing green and gets slimed in the face. Her face drips slime. Jones looks at her like WTF. McCarthy, clearly possessed, gives a creepy smile. She picks up McKinnon by the throat and dangles her out a window. Jones runs, yelling, toward McCarthy, who then spins her head around backwards on her neck. "Oh hell no," says Jones. "The devil is a liar!"

All three tumble back in and onto the floor. "Get outta my friend, ghost!" Jones yells. She slaps McCarthy, and the ghost leaves with a green swoosh. "Ow, that's gonna leave a mark," McCarthy moans. "The power of Patty compels you!" Jones shouts, and slaps McCarthy again. "Owwww!" McCarthy groans.

Ghostbuster logo. Text Onscreen: "Who you gonna call? Summer."

* * *

The thing I love about this trailer is that it manages, in under three minutes, to highlight each of the four stars' unique comedic talents. We see Leslie Jones' amazing high-volume physical comedy punctuated with grinning swagger; Melissa McCarthy's exquisite goofiness; Kate McKinnon's brilliant dry sardonicism juxtaposed with over-the-top expressions; and Kristen Wiig's inimitable quiet awkwardness. It's terrific.

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