Love with One Million Hearts

Video Description: Virginia McLaurin, a 106-year-old black woman, who is very short, using a cane, and dressed in a blue suit, is escorted into the Oval Office to meet President Barack Obama, wearing a dark suit, and First Lady Michelle Obama, wearing a white dress. A man introduces her: "Virginia McLaurin."

"Hi!" she exclaims. She reaches out her arms toward President Obama and quivers excitedly. He takes her hands. "How are you?" he asks her. "I'm fine!" she says. "Oh, it's so nice to see you," he tells her. "It's an honor; it's an honor," she says. "You want to say hi to Michelle?" he asks. "YES!" she exclaims.

He escorts her toward the center of the room, and as she races toward Michelle, he says, "Slow down now! Don't go too quick!" Laughter. She walks up to Michelle, who leans way down to embrace her. "She's a hundred and six!" the President says. "No you are not!" says Michelle. "You are not!"

As Virginia confirms she is indeed 106, President Obama laughs, "Well, you gotta slow down!" Michelle says, "Oh my goodness!" Virginia says, "Thank you!" Michelle, holding her hand, says, "I wanna be like you when I grow up."

"You can!" says Virginia, and wiggles. Michelle wiggles with her. "She's dancing!" says the President. He takes her other hand. "Come on!" he says, and they all dance. "What's the secret to still dancing at one-oh-six?" he asks. Virginia laughs. "Just keep moving!" says Michelle.

Virginia is all smiles. "We're so happy to have you here," says Michelle. The President gently turns her, so she's facing the cameras. "And look at those nails!" says Michelle. "Nails are all done," says the President. "Wooooo! Those nails!" Virginia laughs and shimmies.

"Yes, sir!" says Virginia. "I thought I would never live to get in the White House."

"Well, you are RIGHT HERE!" says the President. "And I tell you," says Virginia, "I am so happy." Michelle says, "And we are happy to have you."

Virginia looks up at the President. "A black president," she says. "Look at him! Right there!" says Michelle, gesturing at her husband. "A black wife," says Virginia. "That's me," says Michelle, pointing at herself. "Yes!" exclaims Virginia. "And I'm here to celebrate Black History."

"That's exactly right," says the President. "Yeah, that's what I'm here for," says Virginia. "Well, we're glad to have ya here!" says the President. Virginia laughs.

"You have just made our day, you know that? That energy, man!" says Michelle. "Well, you made my day," says Virginia.

* * *

1. I love Virginia McLaurin.

2. At 106, Virginia McLaurin would have been born in 1910 (or 1909), fully a decade before women even got the right to vote in this country. (And being a black woman, it might have been many years after that before she was able to vote, depending on where she lived.)

3. This is what I mean when I say this President is more than a mere symbol.

4. I am going to miss President Obama.

5. Blub.

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