An Observation

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

The thing about assuming that I'm supporting Hillary Clinton for no reason other than our both being women is that, when you come at me with that bullshit, you're going to embarrass yourself.

Especially if you come at me with the posture that I don't know anything about Clinton's record.

I am intimately familiar with her record. Good and bad.

At least once a day, someone brings up to me—favorably or unfavorably—something Clinton has said or done, and I'm like, "Yep, I wrote about that," and whip out a link. (Because I'm also a lint trap.)

Case in point: Just earlier today, someone mentioned to me the time Clinton said she would not channel her husband, and I was like here 'tis!

Despite that, I'm routinely approached from go as someone who hasn't done her research.

(And I'm certainly not the only one subjected to this shit. See also, as but one example: Susan Sarandon hectoring Dolores Huerta, as if she's new.)

I've done my research. I've been doing this for a minute.

And experience tells me that not only do I know more about the candidate I support than you do, I very likely know more about your candidate than you do.

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