George Dvorsky at Gizmodo: "Unexpected Asteroid to Zip Past Earth On Halloween."
We can expect a totally different kind of trick-or-treater this coming Halloween. A rather large asteroid—discovered less than three weeks ago—is set to to fly past the Earth at a distance not seen in nearly a decade.

The asteroid, dubbed 2015 TB145, was discovered on October 10 by astronomers using the Pan-STARRS telescope. The object measures about 280 to 620 meters (920 to 2,034 feet) in diameter, so it's pretty big—about the size of a skyscraper. Or two. Not only that, it's moving at a velocity of 35 km/s (78,830 mph or 12,600 km/h), which NASA describes as "unusually high."

When 2015 TB145 makes its closest approach on October 31, it will zoom past the Earth at a scant 0.0032 AU, or 1.3 lunar distances. That's about 479,000 km or 297,000 miles.
Yikes! But don't worry: NASA says 2015 TB145 will "safely pass by the Earth and continue to following along its exceptionally eccentric and high-inclination orbit—which may explain why it wasn't discovered until only a few weeks ago."

In case you're inclined to check out our asteroid friend as it flies by, it will "reach a magnitude luminosity of 10, so it should be observable to astronomers with telescopes. It'll be seen best in the Northern Hemisphere, but the moon will be a relatively bright 80% waning gibbous at the time. Bad news for astronomers, but good news for the trick-or-treaters."

I love everything about this, obviously. And "Unexpected Asteroid" is totally my new band name.

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