Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Privilege.]

"There were strong differences of feeling between the hierarchy and myself. The Democratic Party is heavily invested in the notion of interest-group politics—and interest-group politics can also exclude people who also need a voice in the hallways of power."—Clock complainer Jim Webb, announcing his resignation as a Democratic candidate and vowing to continue his pursuit of the Oval Office as an Independent.

Whatevs. He can lose as an I just as spectacularly as he would have as a D.

In case you missed the fine print on his petulant quote of departure, he's singing the same "what about the straight white men?!" tune he's been hideously warbling for decades.

Dear J-Webb: Straight white men aren't "excluded" from "interest-group politics." Intersectional social justice politics is trying to create a space in which the interests of people who aren't straight white men can be represented, because "politics" represents the interests of straight white men as a default. For fuck's sake. No Love, Liss.

P.S. I understand that many poor straight white men's interests aren't well represented by mainstream US politicians, but, for the record, politics designed to address the needs of vulnerable, marginalized people from the bottom up will inevitably also address the needs of poor straight white men. Ain't no reason to pretend otherwise, except to entrench privilege.

P.P.S. I see you.

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