Fox News Continues to Be Totally Trenchant

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Yesterday, Fox News' terrific program Fox & Friends hosted a totally trenchant panel of dudes debating whether women should be allowed to wear leggings.
Steve Doocy: Leggings ain't pants. Does she have a point? We have brought in an esteemed panel of fathers right here to see if they would allow their daughters to wear leggings to school. Joining us right now we have Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson—round of applause for Willie, ladies and gentlemen. Fox News legal analyst, Arthur Aidala, and Andrew Sansone is the father of two young girls and he happens to be married to our own Fox News' Julie Banderas. All right. Let's just start by asking general questions about leggings. Willie, are you comfortable with the women in your life parading in public in leggings?

Willie Robertson: I am.

Doocy: Because they ain't pants, I've heard.

Robertson: They ain't pants.
And it just got better from there!

Now, instead of being uncharitable and getting all mad about this totally trenchant segment (hahaha feminists, amirite?!), I think we should be generous and instead helpfully offer Fox News some suggestions of other totally trenchant panels we'd like to see!

I for one would love to see some of these panels in Fox & Friends' future:

image of an S inside a square A panel of cis dudes debating the virtues and drawbacks of DivaCups vs. tampons.

image of an S inside a square A panel of infants debating the efficacy and ethics of international sanctions.

image of an S inside a square A panel of cats debating whether dogs should pee on fire hydrants.

image of an S inside a square A panel of dogs debating whether cats should crawl in the blinds so much.

image of an S inside a square A panel of fish debating whether birds are narcissists for flying. Side-debate: SELFIES!

What have you got for our pals at Fox & Friends?

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