[Content Note: Sexuality policing.]

Anthony Costello:
The bisexual visibility campaign #StillBisexual is celebrating Bisexual Visibility week with a daily video series documenting bisexual people's stories and dealing with the frustration of people categorizing their sexuality based on who they're dating, or in a relationship with at the moment reports shewired.com.

Many of the stories in the video series deal with finding love with someone regardless of their gender, understanding their own sexuality, and dealing with some of the annoying questions that come with being bisexual.
Below, one of those videos, featuring Kai telling her story:

Video Description: Kai, a young, thin, black woman, faces the camera, viewed from the shoulders up. As music plays, she holds up a series of signs on which the following text is written: "I loved basketball growing up. I had a buzzed head, wore basketball jerseys, and played on the boys' basketball team. My classmates assumed I was a lesbian. I didn't feel gay, but I never felt straight either. I came out as bisexual when I was 16. My friends and family took it in stride. After high school, I fell in love with a guy. We moved in together; talked marriage...children. After 5 years, we broke up. When I was ready to start dating, I realized I had to come out...again! People thought I was figuring out myself and my sexuality. But I wasn't discovering myself. Loving a man didn't make me straight. I was still comfortable, still Kai... #StillBisexual."

* * *

I suspect there might be one or two or A MILLION folks around here who relate to this, or have similar stories or complaints about the various marginalizing narratives used against people who are bisexual, so have at it in comments!

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