Quote of the Day

"I've gone from being very male dominant to being surrounded by magnificent women. I can't help but be a feminist."—George Miller, writer and director of Mad Max: Fury Road, in an interview with Vanity Fair.

I have all the thoughts and feelings about this quote.

On the one hand, I love that he's crediting the women in his life for making him more sensitive.

On the other hand, I just despair at the idea that men don't feel they are "surrounded by" women unless and until women in their personal lives exhort them to greater sensitivity. (And, let's face it, there are still plenty of men who have lives full of women who don't give a fucking shit about feminist ideals.) It wasn't like George Miller woke up one day and women were there when they had never existed before.

Women are more than half the human population. Men are "surrounded by" women their entire lives, but they still have a choice about whether to care about those women, or even see us.

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