[Content Note: Misogyny.]

As you may recall, last month, original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd, who once played a character whose nose literally turns into a penis while eating a hotdog (#FunFacts!), said he was real appreciative that Paul Feig and some ladies are "reinvigorating" the Ghostbusters franchise and laying the groundwork for a "more conventional sequel." You know—one with men.

Well, Sony Pictures totally agrees:
Sony Pictures is broadening the Ghostbusters franchise and the first order of business will be an action-centric comedy that is a counterpart to the Paul Feig-directed film that will start production in June. The studio is simultaneously forming Ghostcorps, a new production company whose principals include original Ghostbusters architects Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd; they will have offices at Sony with the mission to scare up branding opportunities based on the 1984 comedy classic.

Reitman is putting the film with a powerhouse brain trust [including] Channing Tatum and his partners Reid Carolin and Peter Kiernan, who are attached to produce. The hope is for Tatum to play one of the Ghostbusters in this film. Given his versatility and franchising success in 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, he's a good cornerstone to launch another Ghostbusters series.
He's going to launch another Ghostbusters series. He is. The all-female reboot hasn't even been fucking made, and it's already being thrown into the dustbin, because NOW WE'VE GOT MEN.

Never mind that there was zero interest in reviving this series until the all-female reboot was conceived by someone with the vision and talent to do it and the credentials to bring on an all-star female cast who trust him.

Forget those bozos. Channing Tatum is the real cornerstone of the relaunch! Jesus Christ.
This is being put together even as the studio moves to the start line with a Ghostbusters reboot that will be directed by Feig and star his Bridesmaids leads Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, and Saturday Night Live stand outs Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

..."We want to expand the Ghostbusters universe in ways that will include different films, TV shows, merchandise, all things that are part of modern filmed entertainment," Reitman told me. "This is a branded entertainment, a scary supernatural premise mixed with comedy. Paul Feig's film will be the first version of that, shooting in June to come out in July 2016. He's got four of the funniest women in the world, and there will be other surprises to come. The second film has a wonderful idea that builds on that. Drew will start writing and the hope is to be ready for the Russo Brothers' next window next summer to shoot, with the movie coming out the following year. It's just the beginning of what I hope will be a lot of wonderful movies."
So, here's the thing about this: Reitman and Aykroyd are now planning to flood the market with what will probably be a bunch of subpar shit, and oversaturation is death for franchises. And what that means for Paul Feig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Kristen Wiig is almost certainly fewer sequel opportunities for them.

You know—the people with enough current star power to have breathed life back into this project in the first place.

Reitman and Aykroyd are greedy, misogynist dirtbags, who don't think an all-female Ghostbusters is good enough, and who don't care if they shit all over the sequel potential of the women who are starring in it.

Fuck these guys.

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