Former Fetus; Current Dip$hit

[Content Note: Anti-choice jackassery.]

Republican Texas state Representative Jonathan Stickland decided to make an Important Statement when he heard people from Planned Parenthood would be visiting the capitol:

screen cap of Stickland's Facebook status, with a picture of a sign hanging outside his office door reading: 'Today Planned Parenthood is visiting and lobbying the Capitol. In honor of their visit, I put this sign on my office door. Organizations that murder children are not welcome in my office. #prolifeandproudofit' below which is a picture of the sign reading: 'Representative Jonathan Stickland, FORMER FETUS'

I'm guessing that "organizations that murder children" aren't welcome in many elected officials' offices. (Unless they are corporations who merely kill children as collateral damage to turning a profit.) Of course, Planned Parenthood does not "murder children." Which is why the totes cool sign outside Stickland's office doesn't read "Former Child."

Insert here the usual commentary about how if anti-choicers want to convince me they really give a fuck about saving "children," their garbage platform wouldn't look like a how-to manual on harming the most vulnerable children in the country.

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