How Dare You Be Fat and Happy?

[Content Note: Fat hatred.]

Being fat and happy, or content, is something about which I've been writing for a very long time. It's a subject that interests me a lot, for what I'm guessing are obvious reasons.

I just read this piece by by Jes, the Militant Baker, on "Why People Hate Tess Munster (and Other Happy Fat People)," and it's so, so right on.

Fat people aren't supposed to be inspirational figures. We're supposed to be cautionary tales. And hoo boy are there a lot of people who take it personally when we refuse to fill that role.

A lot of people think we should be miserable, and make it their mission to make us so. Because that's easier than the hard work of finding your own confidence and contentment.

Choosing to be fat has to be okay—and so does choosing to be fat and happy.

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