Jason Brown Does More Spinny Jumps!

Hey, do you remember last year when US figure skater Jason Brown did an amazing long program at the National Championships, which earned him a second-place finish and a trip to the Winter Olympics, and also revealed that I am terrific (blink. blink.) at doing figure skating video transcripts?

Well, this year, our old pal Jason Brown, now 20 years old, won the US National Championship! Yayayayay!

Below is his free skate program, and I AM SORRY that I know no more about figure skating terms than I did last year, lol. Enjoy!

Jason Brown, a thin white young man with brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, wearing olive trousers, a white blousy top, a sparkly dark green vest, and brown pleather waistbelt and skate covers (sort of a Robin Hood on ice look, maybe?), skates onto the ice and raises his hands in the air to greet the crowd. They cheer wildly.

He poses on the ice, with his hands on opposite shoulders, his head down and eyes closed, waiting for the music to begin. Very dramatic! As the slow music starts, his torso sways around, and then his eyes come open and his hands peel off his shoulders and his feet move apart and we! are! skating!

The announcers mention that Jason has the easiest technical program of the top competitors; he is known not for the biggest technical performance, no quads, but for perfectly executing his program and for his artistry.

Slowly skating with flowy arms. A little spinny jump. A couple of increasingly dramatic spins. Backwards skating with flowy arms to pick up speed. Triple spinny jump! Another spinny jump! He lands them both so smoothly!

Skating. Petting the sides of his face with his hands. Little twisty body moves and arm flourishes and he skates to pick up momentum again. T-spin. Another t-spin. Grabby skate over head! Backwards with flowy arms. The music is getting dramatic now!

Skating. Twisty body. Arm flourishes. Backwards with flowy arms. Tiny hopping jump then BIG SPINNY JUMP! The crowd goes wild. Air splits! One-knee spin! Leaping t-jump! T-spin! Crouch spin! T-spin! Crouch spin! T-spin! He spins up and down so gracefully and the crowd cheers.

Then he stops! The music halts! He grabs his side as if he's been stabbed by a mean elf! He lurches forward and begins to skate slowly, as the music changes. Backwards with flowy arms. Big unexpected spinny jump! Desperate reaching arms. Twisty body. Sad face flowy skating past the judges. Sad shimmies. Petting the face. Air splits. Fists and flowy arms. Why did you leave him?! IT CLEARLY BROKE HIS HEART!

Backwards. Big spinny jump! Reaching arms. Skating. Big spinny jump! Another spinny jump! Ta-daaaa arms! But muted, because this is SAD.

But then the music is picking up again. Skating. Dramatic windmill arms. Backwards t-jump. Big spinny jump! Little hop! Another spinny jump! Ta-daaaa arms! Fully so! Air splits! Windmill arms! One-knee slide! Ta-daaaa arms! Leg kick! Crouch! Hop! Skate skate skate! The crowd is going wild!

Sideways splits! Spinny jump! Spinny jump! Crouch spin into standing spin! T-spin! Grabby skate over head! Crouch spin! Aaaaaaand slide backwards with dramatic arms THE END!

He stands and looks grateful and happy and waves at the crowd as they shower him with flowers. [A bunch of commercials.] We come back to Jason and his team waiting for his scores. They are awesome and he wins! YAY!

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